Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 6: March 16th, 2017

The crew got another early today at 0830 hours to embark on our trip to the Prince Williams County Adult Detention Center in Manassas, Virginia. Upon arrival to the detention center, we were greeted by one of the facilities correctional officers and NEC Class of 2014 alumni Jon Russell.

At the facility, we were able to meet with a number of high ranking officers in the department. They were able to explain to us their day to day responsibilities as well as give us a tour of the facility. It was amazing and educational to see the inmate units, and to observe and listen to their behaviors. As we filled back into the board room for a debrief of the tour, a number of class members were able to picked up job applications in aspirations of joining the Prince Williams County team. We could not take pictures from inside of the facility for security reasons, but we saw some very interesting units!

After leaving jail with all charges dropped, we loaded the bus and headed off towards our final visit of the day at the Prince Williams County Police Department. At the police department, we had a short recruitment presentation followed by a hiring information presentation. for the department. After we were lucky enough to get another ride along opportunity where we got to see what a typical shift was like. The group was fortunate enough to attend a real roll-call briefing, and to connect with a Shift Sergeant from Atkinson, NH!  We made a donation to the Officer Ashley Guindon Memorial Fund on behalf our CJ students. Ashley Guindon was from Merrimack, NH prior to her death by an armed assailant last year. During our ride along shifts in two different Divisions, we saw everything from minor traffic stops to serious emergencies. Some of us were lucky enough to get in before 22:00 hours (10 PM), while others were out until almost 02:00 hours! Once again, we were invited to apply to the hundreds of openings at this police department.

Day 7: March 17th, 21017

This morning started off with a 06:30 hours starting time. Coffee in hand, we once again filed on the bus to make the drive over to The United States Secret Service Rowley Training Center, in Maryland. Unfortunately, none of the pictures that were taken are allowed to be shared via social media due to privacy reasons with the exception of the group photo shown.. The instructors of the academy made it known that we are one of VERY FEW colleges that are allowed to tour the facility and that New England College was one of the two to tour in the last year thanks to Professor Michael Peck! While the rest of us were enjoying our tour, Nick Nelson was off with NEC alumni Ethan Way taking his written and physical test and for the Metropolitan DC Police Department! Proud of you Nick!

After our exciting morning tour, we drove over to the Secret Service head quarters for a presentation, tour, and background information session. Unfortunately, once again due to privacy reasons, we cannot post any pictures of either facility at this time. At the Academy, we had a class on the mission, operations and goals of the US Secret Service, followed by a full tour at of their mock ups of Air Force One, Marine One (the Presidents helicopter) and the outdoor structures and ranges to help SS agents to train. Our special thanks to Professor Mike Peck and the efforts of Prof. Jones to coordinate it all. Today was a TOP SECRET DAY! Even the ducks had to keep their lips sealed !!!

Our last stop of the day was to the White House!!!!  Some in the group saw the arrival motorcade of President Trump and the Prime Minister of Germany! It was amazing to see the Uniformed Division of the US Secret Service spring into action all around us!

To end the trip,  we all met up at the hotel board room for a trip debriefing. During this time, we all reflected, and we were presented with awards and certifications of completion by the professors and mentors of the trip. Gab Lepage was recognized for being the second driver of the van- without her not every student would be able to fit on one buss. Clifton Aquino was recognized for being a spot on counter, and having the numbers right everytime, for without him, someone in our large group could have been seperated or left behind. Devon Hubizs and Melissa Thorpe were recognized for being the  Designated "GPSers" for without them, we would never be able to find our way around the streets of Maryland, Virgin and downtown DC! Ty Anderson, Ainsley Bruno and Emily Rempalankis were thanked and recognized for their dedicated work on the NEC blog, with out there hard work the college faculty and friends and family at home wouldn't be updated on the amazing opportunities we were presented with! Willie Begonia was also awarded with most academic for his excellent academic achievements. Nick Nelson was awarded most engaged, not only did he take the opportunity at every facility to make a networking connection with a future employer, he also took advantage of his time in here and took the written and physical test at DC metro. Ainsley Bruno was awarded most motivated, picked unanimously by the professors and the mentors, for always having the right attitude going into every new day. Collin Wright was awarded most helpful for not only being the last one to finish cleaning up the board room everyday, but for always being their to lend a helping hand any place he could- including helping with every ones bags!

The students took the time to thank the alumni mentors, Jeneane Wood, Ethan Way, Molly Wilcox and Anthony Grameri for taking time out fo their busy week to help us. We also took the time to thank our own personal photographer, Priscilla Jones, who also took the time to travel down with us, offering help any chance she could, as well as documenting every exciting moment with her trusty camera! Following we thanked professor Chabot and professor Abbott for spending their spring break chaperoning our trip and helping with all the last minute details. Last but certainly not least we thanked professor Jones for not only making this trip happen, but for making sure all the behind the scene details were squared away and that there were no hiccups in our trip. We also thanked him for driving this monster of a bus everyday, and for the many MANY networking opportunities her presented for us !!! Our trip has unfortunetly come to an end- but first, BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

Thanks to everyone, and to the administration of our beloved college for affording us an outstanding education week!  #ONESHIP!!