Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 5: March 15th, 2017,

The crew headed out bright and early today at 08:00 hours to the Prince George's County Police Department to get a behind the scenes tour of their facility.

Upon arrival to the department, we were greeted by Captain Ken Humbel for the initial recruitment presentation. After hearing from the captain and the recruiters, we were given the honor of being able to see the inner works of the department. From the homicide and robbery divisions, to the sexual assault and domestic violence sector, the officers were more than happy to answer questions and inform us about their duties. Unfortunately, but understandably, we were not able to take photographs of the departments' offices.

In return for their generosity, Willie Bregonzio and Marjani Lillard presented Captain Ken Humbel and Captain Giannuno with New England College memorabilia and some of H-towns finest maple syrup.

After the tour of the complex we were honored to receive a presentation by an undercover Detective  Sergeant in the Prince George's County Gang Unit. His presentation was very informative and was an eye opener for those who had no prior exposure to gang culture. We learned a lot about why people join gangs, the gang culture, drug use and gang violence from a truly knowledgeable investigator. We were not permitted to post a photo of him.

Tonight Marjani, Melissa, Emily, Willie, Colin, Marissa, and Professor Chabot all went for ride alongs with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC! Be safe all!

Listen in tomorrow for more information about how our entire class will be visiting the Prince Williams County Adult Detention Center in Manassas, Virginia for a tour of the complex, followed by an entire class ride along in the evening with Prince Williams County Police. See you Thursday!

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